Our Mission

In pursuit of our Vision, Tobacco Plains will work cooperatively and collaboratively within the Nation and with others to:

  • Secure appropriate human and monetary resources to respond to the present needs of our members through ongoing lobbying, advocacy and negotiation.
  • Harness the skills and abilities of our members while recognizing and celebrating that our people are our greatest resource.
  • Integrate and align our work to facilitate the development and implementation of culturally relevant programs and services, including the creation of economic development opportunities.
  • Network internally and externally, to advance the central role that our children and Elders play in our families and community.
  • Engage and inform the community through respectful, ongoing and timely communication.

Our Values

  • We will live in balance by advancing the following Core Values based on ?Aknumuctilil, our Natural Law:
  • We will conduct ourselves with respect for each other, the land and all that the land contains.
  • We will protect and nurture our children recognizing their importance in all that we do.
  • We will care for and respect our Elders, who remain the knowledge keepers for our community.
  • We will promote honest and ethical behavior, by doing the right things for the right reasons.
  • We each will take personal responsibility for our conduct and our obligations.
  • We promote the inclusion of people, ideas, and perspectives in pursuit of a safe and healthy community.
  • Steward the land by preserving and protecting our Traditional Territory.


We will lead with integrity, transparency and accountability for the prosperity of our community’s future.

Our Vision

The Tobacco Plains Indian Band is a self-governing community, with the responsibility to steward our traditional lands, and preserve our language and culture. We are dedicated to improving the health, safety, and well-being of our members in all that we say and do.

Bold Steps

-Finalized Financial Administration Law

-Implement Orientation Process / Council Team Building

-Improve Communication

-Enhance Organizational Development